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Landscape Maintenance Districts Zones

This layer contains the boundaries for all of the Landscape Maintenance District Zones in the unincorporated LA County.

A Landscape Maintenance District is a special district formed to provide benefiting property owners the opportunity to pay for enhanced landscaping and appurtenant improvements, maintenance, and services beyond those generally provided by the County.



The […]

Publicly Funded Mental Health Service Provider Locations

This file is a listing of all publicly funded mental health service locations in the County of Los Angeles. Service locations are classified by modality such as Inpatient, Outpatient and Residential. Provider information includes address, phone number, operation hours, age-group served, service area, supervisorial district, languages/cultures served and programs/services provided at the location.

This data-set […]

Probation Sites

This dataset consists of probation adult area offices, juvenile area offices, juvenile halls, juvenile camps, and external community based organizations.

Note: Â This dataset is for internal use only.

Probation Group Homes

This dataset contains probation group homes.  This dataset is used for analysis, for instance, to understand a district’s area of coverage in relation to the number of group homes in a district.

Note: Â This dataset is for internal use only.

Locations/Points of Interest (LMS Data) – January 2016

Current data date:Â January 2016

The major changes to this file include an update of all public school locations from the State Department of Education

Download the data

LMS_Data_Public_20160114_gdb – Zipped file geodatabase – full dataset LMS_Data_Public_20160114_shapefile - Due to the length of a number of the fields, a shapefile’s 255 […]

Child Care Provider Facilities

The point data in the Child Care Facilities layer, represents the locations of State licensed child care providers within Los Angeles County.

DPSS has been tasked with the management and administration of the data. A child care facilities locator has been created for the purpose of assisting the public in identifying their nearest […]

DPSS Office Locations


This data is a representation of Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) district office locations, which are accessible to the public. There are additional offices that are not publicly available and are not included in this layer. The district offices in this layer, service the public with various programs administered by DPSS. […]

DPSS Program Service Area Boundaries

Summary This data is a representation of the program boundaries for Department of Public Social Services, for all district offices. There are separate boundary layers for program Intake boundaries, which are used to tell County residents which office to go to when applying for a particular program. There are also separate boundaries […]

Business Locations

Data Licensed from US Data Depot showing the location, type, size, and other attributes for over 720,000 businesses in Los Angeles County.  This data is for internal County use only and cannot be provided to external agencies.  Pricing for this data is available at the US Data […]


Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) is the agency in the state of California that licenses hospitals and clinics. Every year, this office generates a list of hospitals and clinics as well as reports that are based on the information submitted by the individual facilities. Hospital Annual Disclosure […]

Los Angeles County Department of Health Services Facilities

The Department of Health Services (DHS) provides acute and rehabilitative patient care, trains physicians and other health care clinicians, and conducts patient care-related research. DHS operates 4 hospitals, including some of the nation’s premiere academic medical centers through their affiliations with the University of Southern California School of […]

Los Angeles County Department of Health Services Community Partners

The Community Partners Program is a collaborative effort between the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (DHS) and private, community-based providers (Partners) who are committed to providing quality health services in a culturally and linguistically appropriate environment to low income and uninsured communities. This program is part of a […]

Polling Places – August 13, 2019 election

Polling locations assigned for the August 13, 2019 City of Los Angeles Council District 12 Special Runoff Election as of July 17, 2019. Â Note – these polling locations are subject to change. Â Changes occur when polling locations become unavailable at the last minute, or for a variety or reasons. The Los Angeles County […]

LA County Department of Mental Health Providers

The Provider Directory dataset contains information on the locations of publicly funded Outpatient Mental Health Services and 24 Hour Acute Psychiatric Inpatient Care facilities served by the County of Los Angeles, Department of Mental Health (LACDMH). Â It does not include information on individual names of clinicians.


LACDMH provides mental health […]

LA City Planning GIS Data Portal

LA City Planning GIS Data Portal

The City of Los Angeles Planning department has launched a GIS Data Portal for downloading various GIS data files pertaining to City Planning information.

You can access the data by going to http://planning.lacity.org, selecting the Maps and Stats button on the left, […]