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New (April 2014) – video instructions on using this site and making free maps: Click here to go to video page

Basic instructions

Use the Search Box on the top right to search for data or use the categories on the left to find data by its category.  Clicking on the results will take you to detailed information about each dataset (also known as metadata).

If you have questions or comments about a particular dataset, please use the comment areas below the descriptions – the data owner will get the comment and reply, and since other people will likely have the same question, your question will probably help someone else, and we encourage a conversation about each dataset.  You can also register to receive updates when new data is posted, and when data has been updated.

Getting updates

There are two ways to subscribe to this site:

Register to receive email updates:

If you register your name and email on this site, you will automatically be informed via  email when new data is added and data is updated.  If you are interested in only certain categories of information, by registering with this site, you will be able to manage your subscription  categories from your profile.

RSS feeds:

RSS feeds  automatically notify you of updates.  By clicking on any of the RSS icons in the site (like the orange icon at right) you can use an RSS feed reader to keep up to date.  Newer Outlook versions read RSS feeds and there are a lot of feed readers out there.


Adding your own GIS Data

If you want to add your own GIS Data to this portal, please read this: GIS Data Portal Guide (January 2011)