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QGIS Brief Training

John Hickok from our Public Works Department developed a brief training for our 2014 GIS Day event, which will give you an introduction to QGIS and some data resources to get started.

Click here to download the Training document – Using Open Source Tools for GIS

Everyone, it was indeed a pleasure to see all of you attend our Open Source GIS hands-on workshop. Attached is a digital PDF version of the materials we went over. Once you begin the path of learning open source GIS, you will find the abundance of freely available information a little staggering. It was hoped that today’s exercises were a helpful cross section of things to learn.

For your convenience, I’ll copy and paste the resources from the last page for easier web browsing out of this email.

In addition to the links below, remember that community support is free and abundant. One of today’s students stated it best, “Whatever GIS problem you encounter, you probably weren’t the first to experience it.”

Help is as easy as ‘google-ing’ the words “QGIS (type in your question)”.


Los Angeles County GIS Data Portal – Includes data, applications, and videos. The vast majority of GIS data internally used by Los Angeles County is freely available to the General Public for downloading at no charge. Two notable exceptions are Assessor Parcel data and aerial imagery supplied by the Los Angeles Region Imagery Acquisition Consortium (LAR-IAC) program. Listed below are data sources we used.


GIS Data Portal http://egis3.lacounty.gov/dataportal/
Public Domain Imagery http://egis3.lacounty.gov/dataportal/2013/02/28/2011-lar-iac-imagery-public-domain-1-foot-free/
City Boundaries http://egis3.lacounty.gov/dataportal/2013/06/11/city-annexations/
Streets & Addresses http://egis3.lacounty.gov/dataportal/2014/06/16/2011-la-county-street-centerline-street-address-file/
Geophotos, Styles, etc. ftp://dpwftp.co.la.ca.us/pub/mpm/GIS_Day_2014/GISDay2014Data.zip
Imagery used today ftp://dpwftp.co.la.ca.us/pub/mpm/GIS_Day_2014/aerial.zip


Contact: John Hickok, PLS, GISPCounty of Los Angeles, Department of Public Works

Mapping and GIS Services Section,

Survey/Mapping and Property Management Division

626.458.7355 jhickok@dpw.lacounty.gov