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LARIAC1 Archive

An increasing number of County departments identified a need for and benefits in obtaining current aerial imagery of Los Angeles County. Aerial imagery provides numerous benefits to local and regional governments. Examples include floodplain mapping, transportation highway mapping and planning, environment and natural resource management, economic development and recruitment, education and research, search and rescue, multi-hazard threat applications, and various other emergency readiness, response, and recovery operations. An additional challenge was to establish a program to regularly update the imagery. Residential and commercial development, geological event, fires, etc. routinely change the landscape and the imagerys accuracy diminishes over time. Historical updates to aerial imagery occur on an approximate five year cycle. In the past the acquisition of this imagery has been limited to the departments of Public Works and Regional Planning.

Recognizing the growing value of geographic aerial imagery and the prohibitive cost, the Chief Information Office, Department of Regional Planning and County Counsel formulated a program to acquire a set of imagery for a group of organizations willing to share the cost of acquisition. The Los Angeles Region – Imagery Acquisition Consortium (LAR-IAC) Program was established to acquire 4″ resolution imagery (4 color orthogonal, 4 color infrared, 6 color oblique, digital terrain datasets derived from LiDAR, and 2 elevation contours) for the entire county. The project has successfully gained the participation of 10 County departments and 31 municipalities and 5 other public agencies.


LARIAC One-Page Handout (PDF – 2 MB)

LARIAC2 Project Maps:
Downtown Areas
Project Areas
Proposed Delivery Areas
Proposed Pictometry Grid
Proposed Sanborn Ortho Grid