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LARIAC2 Archive

LARIAC2 Product Guide (PDF – 2.11 MB)

During the first LARIAC, it was envisioned that the County will be flown every two years.  The results of the recent survey put out by the CIO reflected the same vision. We are currently in the process of finishing LARIAC2. Oblique imagery has been delivered to most (if not all) participants. Ortho imagery is behind schedule, but is being finished and some areas are in the QA/QC phase. Building representations (outlines) are also being added as a deliverable to LARIAC2. More information on that to follow.

The latest project information can be found by going to the Briefing Meeting schedule and checking the presentations from the most recent meeting. All meeting materials are archived and placed here.

Check the Briefing / Meeting Schedule page for information about project meetings.


  • Pictometry Sensor, site visit – Van Nuys Airport 04/09/2008

Technical Advisory Group (TAG)

The Technical Advisory Group (TAG) met over the last six months of 2007. This group was responsible for assessing the needs for the project and determining the scope of the project.  The TAG was also responsible for getting the initial cost estimates. There were 10 meetings held from June 2007 to August 2008.

Project Documents

We were eliciting the support from the participants of the first LARIAC while looking to find more cities/agencies that did not participate the first time around and would join the second round, which led to reduce the contributing costs across the board.