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LARIAC2 Error Reporting

Problem Identification and Resolution Form (PIRF)

As LARIAC2 participants have a chance to begin to look over recent deliveries of ortho imagery, it is expected that questions will arise regarding potential data errors. With such a tremendous volume of data, it is quite possible that such instances will be found. While each of the imagery tiles went through the independent QA/QC process, the possibility that some errors passed through is feasible. Moreover, some errors may be found that were not correctible through the QA/QC process.

All errors should be sent to the Department of Regional Planning (DRP) using the Problem Identification and Resolution Form (PIRF), which can be downloaded at the link below. It is preferable that you include a shapefile outlining the error along with the PIRF form (point, line or polygon, depending on the extent of the error). DRP will collect the errors and evaluate whether they fall within the specifications outlined in the contract. Errors will then be sent on to the contractor for resolution. Any corrected tiles will be placed on the DRP’s FTP site for downloading or put on DVD/CD media for the affected cities/agencies.

PIRF Status:

# Received From Status Problem
 L2_PIRF-10 7/23/2009 County Fire Dept. Pending ArcGIS shows meters instead of feet. ArcGIS not reading ECW header correctly
 L2_PIRF-09 7/21/2009 Burbank Resolved SDE import error
 L2_PIRF-08 6/29/2009 Lakewood Resolved Color inconsistencies
 L2_PIRF-07 6/8/2009 Santa Clarita Resolved Radiometry / pixelation on water surface
 L2_PIRF-05 6/2/2009 Dept. of Regional Planning Pending Building lean
 L2_PIRF-05 5/14/2009 Dept. of Regional Planning Pending Building distortion; White space in ECW mosaic
 L2_PIRF-04 4/23/2009 Culver City Resolved Ortho Image Shift
 L2_PIRF-03 3/26/2009 Cerritos Resolved Missing File; Parcel Shift
 L2_PIRF-02 3/10/2009 Carson Resolved GeoTIFF Appearance
 L2_PIRF-01 3/12/2009 Manhattan Beach Resolved Raster Catalog Appearance

Oblique Imagery

For issues with the oblique imagery, send an email to gis@planning.lacounty.gov or Customer Support.