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LARIAC3 Archive

LARIAC3 has just completed and updated the digital aerial imagery. For this round, only the 4″ resolution natural color ortho imagery and oblique aerial digital imagery was acquired (also at 4″ resolution); just like what was done for the LARIAC2 Project.

For documents and product specifications, click here to access the download page


  • LARIAC1 refers to the Consortium and the first iteration of the project (2006 imagery capture).
  • LARIAC2 refers to the second iteration of the project (2008 imagery capture).
  • LARIAC3 refers to the third iteration of the project (2011 imagery capture).

LARIAC GIS Data Webinar video – taped from event held on March 22, 2012 – Click here

LARIAC3 Product List

  • Natural Color Orthogonal Imagery
    4” resolution (urban areas) and 1’ resolution (national forests)
  • Color Oblique Aerial Digital Imagery  (from Pictometry)
    4″ resolution neighborhood shots and 12″ resolution community shots. Including EFS viewer application, Change Analysis, ActiveX, and ArcGIS extensions.
  • Digital Terrain Datasets – Spot Updates (DTM and DEM)
    Spot updates for those areas with significant elevation changes (grading, for example) since LAR-IAC.
  • Independent QA/QC
    For accurate quality control reports for all imagery and data products.

Check the Briefing / Meeting Schedule page for information about project meetings.