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LARIAC5 Documents and Downloads

This page contains documents and data related to LARIAC5.

Some layers are available to view in a new AGOL Web Map – LARIAC5 Supporting Layers – click here.


Description  (RED = to update)


LARIAC5 Product Guide All you need to know about the LARIAC products Click to Download
LARIA5 Ortho Accuracy Report Orthogonal Imagery Accuracy1.35 feet at 95% confidence interval. Click to Download
LARIAC5 Oblique Accuracy Report Horizontal accuracy: 3.63 ft at 95% confidence.
Vertical accuracy: 1.20 vertical feet at 95% confidence.
Click to Download
LARIAC5 FGDC Metadata 4-inch ortho metadata
1-foot ortho metadata
Shapefile – Ortho Date Flown Shapefile showing data flown for ortho imagery (dissolved from the seamlines) 4-inch, Click to Download, Preview

9-inch, Click to Download, Preview

Shapefile – Ortho Imagery Grid (2017) and LiDAR5 tile grid One-foot pixel resolution ortho imagery coverage of National Forest areas and Four-inch pixel resolution ortho imagery coverage of the urban project area and the Santa Catalina Island area. This includes the LiDAR tiles as well (they use the same grid).
Shapefile – Oblique Imagery Sector Grid (2015) This grid of the Pictometry oblique imagery clusters can be used to locate Pictometry sector files in their data file listing. The cluster folder is named according to the northwest sector within that cluster; each cluster contains up to 25 sector folders. Click to Download, Preview
Shapefile –  LARIAC5 Ortho Mosaic Grid Grid for compressed image mosaics – created to break up the mosaics into manageable 1 GB files. Click to Download, Preview
Shapefile – LARIAC5 Project Areas Boundary of areas where various data products were captured at different qualities. Click to Download, Preview
Shapefile – Downtown Areas Areas where oblique imagery was captured with more density and additional flight directions to handle the tall buildings, and in downtown LA, the orientation of the streets Click to Download – Preview
File Geodatabase – Ortho Imagery Seamlines Seamlines for each of the > 200,000 image chips that were combined into the seamless ortho image. NOT YET AVAILABLE
LARIAC Ground Control Historic Ground Control Points for LARIAC 1-3.  LARIAC5 surveyed over 200 new points, and these cannot be shared in order to maintain the QAQC process. LARIAC_GROUND_CONTROL_POINTS (zipped shapefiles)
LARIAC1 AT support documents, Preview
Shapefile – Desired Imagery Service Coverage Areas Urban Areas of the County to be covered by imagery services Click to download, Preview