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Pest Detection – Statewide Trapping Grid (STG) Grids

This new Statewide Trapping Grid (STG) grid system eliminates the problems of grids not aligning properly and duplication of numbers.

Naming convention for the grid is alphanumeric. Columns are Alpha (A – UW) and rows are Numeric (001 – 656). The grid name is the combination of the column and row names. Naming started in […]

L.A. County Street & Address File

Starting in September 2014, the data will be uploaded every week on Sunday with the newest revisions from CAMS (Countywide Address Management System).

Important note:Â This is the first output of the final data structure. Â In the next few weeks we will begin providing weekly updates as well as a number […]

L.A. County Address Points

Address Points

Current data date: August 2014 -Â Data is automatically updating information weekly. For more information please visit the Countywide Address Management System page.

This dataset contains address points from the Countywide Address Management System (CAMS), a collaborative program between the County’s Registrar/Recorder, Chief Information Officer, […]