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New City of Pomona Reorganization No. 2015-14 (Detachment from Diamond Bar and Annexation to Pomona)

Reorganization No. 2015-14 to the City of Pomona ( Detachment from City of Diamond Bar) became effective April 13, 2017. To download the shapefile of the detachment/annexation boundary, click on the link below. The overlapping polygons indicate territories that transferred between cities.

Reorganization No. 2015-14 to City of Pomona ( Detachment from City of […]

City Boundaries and Annexations/Detachments

View City Annexations/Detachments Online

Desktop Viewer – Use this application to search, view, and download county/city/annexation/detachment boundaries as well as recorded annexation/detachment documents, maps, and legal descriptions.

Mobile Viewer – Using ArcGIS Online, this map is a little more smart phone friendly.

Open Data – City […]

Building and Safety District Boundaries

Abstract: Polygon layer showing areas serviced by the different building and safety district offices within unincorporated county areas.

Purpose: Polygons used to show which Building and Safety office to obtain Permits.

Building and Safety is a Division of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works.