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LA County CAMS Address Route Markers & Landmarks

Point locations of route/mile markers and landmarks that are maintained within the Countywide Address Management System (CAMS).

DISCLAIMER: This is not a complete inventory of Route Markers or Landmarks within the County of Los Angeles.


Click here to download CAMS Route Market data.

Click here to download CAMS Landmark data.

LA County CAMS Address Locator

From this post you can download an address locator customized for Los Angeles County, as well as the rules that build it.

The County of Los Angeles currently is able to confidently match over 98.8% of incoming addresses. This has been tested against approximately 9 million addresses composed of voters’ addresses, utility addresses, […]

L.A. County Street & Address File

Starting in September 2014, the data will be uploaded every week on Sunday with the newest revisions from CAMS (Countywide Address Management System).

Important note: This is the first output of the final data structure. In the next few weeks we will begin providing weekly updates as well as a number of […]

L.A. County Address Points

Address Points

Current data date: August 2014 – Data is automatically updating information weekly. For more information please visit the Countywide Address Management System page.

This dataset contains address points from the Countywide Address Management System (CAMS), a collaborative program between the County’s Registrar/Recorder, Chief Information Officer, […]