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2011 Supervisorial District Boundaries (Adopted September 27, 2011)

Approved Boundaries

This GIS data file contains 2011 County Board of Supervisors district boundaries adopted September 27, 2011.

For full details of the process , please see this site: http://redistricting.lacounty.gov/. The 2011-Board-Adopted-Plan (pdf file) is loaded here for your convenience.

These boundaries are based upon Redistricting Units (RDUs) which […]

Historic LA County Supervisorial Districts (1971 – 1991)

Supervisorial District Boundaries for LA County for 1971, 1981, and 1991.

Samples (click to enlarge)




The data from 1991 was provided by the Registrar/Recorder.

The data from 1971 and 1981 was digitized from scanned and rectified County […]