March 2008
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Import LAR-IAC2 Aerial Imagery SDE Export Files

As a follow-up to the earler post about loading LAR-IAC (from first project) aerial imagery, I wanted to follow up with information about how we expect to deploy LAR-IAC data for LAR-IAC2.


Loading LAR-IAC 1 Aerial Imagery Tiles to SDE

LAR-IAC data can a beast! Countywide, the imagery is around 1.5 Tb, split into over 13,000 tiles. This can be a major distribution headache. As we move forward to LAR-IAC 2, we plan on providing data in more easily consumable formats.


LAR-IAC User Group Meeting


Just a reminder, we will be holding the Fourth LAR-IAC User Group Meeting this Thursday, 3/27/08. Below are the details; the agenda has been attached. You can find the same information on the LAR-IAC project website.


ESRI Releases ArcGIS 9.2 Service Pack 5

OK – so we are up to SP5 with ArcGIS.

ESRI’s announcement


Enterprise GIS Statistics

LA County Statistics Page

The County has implemented Latitude Geographics’ Geocortex Statistics package in order to track server usage, availability, response time, and other metrics. This capability provides a critical resource in maintaining capacity, troubleshooting speed issues, and providing “Performance Counts” measures of the useage and value of Enterprise GIS.

Possible Vendor Fair?

At some point in the future we should try to setup some kind of vendor fair. GISAB (pre-cursor to the eGIS Steering Committee) used to regulary bring in vendors to meetings…this was detrimental to the group overall. So instead of bringing into our meetings; maybe we have a separate type of event where we bring […]

Enhanced Symbols for GIS usage

In the making of maps, the correct use and the quality of marker and point symbols are a critical element in creating pleasing, informative maps. The “out of the box” markers that ship with ESRI’s ArcGIS software form a good set to start from, but in many cases, and especially with the shields for highways […]

Latitude Geographics Conference – 2008

Latitude Geographics Geocortex IMF and related products are the County’s eGIS standard web deployment software, and the folks at the company and the users that will attend will be a valuable source of information for deploying and leveraging GIS data and systems.

If you can make this conference, if will be an […]