May 2008
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New Web Mapping Application (SUB-NET Public) – from DRP


As you are aware, the long-term goal at Regional Planning (DRP), and the GIS Section in particular, is to continue providing accurate GIS data and information in a fast and efficient manner. In keeping with this goal, we are now ready to unveil Public SUB-NET, the latest addition to our online Family of GIS Web Mapping Applications. Based on the internal version of SUB-NET which was introduced to staff in January 2007, it is designed primarily for business processes specific to DRP’s Land Divisions Section. Now, Public SUB-NET is slated for Internet deployment as a beta version effective May 7, 2007 via the DRP website or by direct access from the following link:

Public SUB-NET provides access to our current subdivision activity layer. Also, a key feature of the site is direct access to scanned versions of tract and parcel maps, which are displayed in their true spatial location. The application has a similar appearance to Public GIS-NET – it offers larger icons, a more focused set of tools and tab functions, and an appropriate balance between public information rights and privacy protection laws.

Our GIS staff is available to respond to your comments and questions should you have any inquiries regarding the content of this application.

Please continue to look for updates and improvements to our DRP Family of GIS Web Mapping Applications in the future. As time goes on and needs arise, more sites such as these will be added.

Please let us know what you think. – Nick Franchino

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