September 2009
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Station Fire Perimeters – September 1st morning – AS IS

Hello – here is a recent fire perimeter from this morning.

Also wanted to pass along a description of the process on how they are created from Tim Smith of LA County Fire.

Thanks Tim – I also wanted to pass along my appreciation for all of the hard work your team is doing.

Fire Perimeter updating …

I am sending this email to let you know that fire perimeters are obtained in 12 hour operational periods. They must be proofed by the situation leaders at the incident for accuracy before anything is published. Even if we could obtain them via satellite or other means the information still must be approved by the appropriate staff on the incident. The perimeters that we get from the GIS Professionals on the incident are final approved versions. It is very important that we use the perimeters that these people have approved. On the Station Fire the GIS team is composed of Federal, State and Local professionals, with the Federal Government in the lead role. The Federal Government also takes the lead role on information gathering that is why everything is published to the Federal site first.

Below are the two agencies that every fire is posted to:

#1 NIFC, National Interagency Fire Center

Logistical and support center for US wildland firefighting. Coordinates efforts of DOI agencies, Forest Service, National Weather Service, etc.

This includes wildland fire geospatial support.

#2 CalEMA, California Emergency Management Agency

Statewide coordination and assistance for wildland fire geospatial activities.

GIS staff on the Incident will work late into the night to get the perimeters finalized and maps made for the morning briefings. Twelve to eighteen hour days are the norm at these incidents for GIS staff. There first and foremost job it to get this information to the Fire Professionals on the incident. They do not have the time to post the perimeters to every site that requests them. That is why Nancy Miller is acting as a clearinghouse for the data. She has worked very hard on this fire to ensure that this information is sent to you as quickly as possible. We would all like to get these perimeters in a timelier manner but there are good reasons for the current system that is in place.

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