August 2010
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Geocortex Training

For those of you interested in Geocortex Training – another one is coming up!

Latitude Geographics is pleased to announce Fall 2010 regional training workshops for our popular Geocortex Essentials software. Our California-based training sessions will take place in Los Angeles, November 16-19, 2010 at ESRI’s Training Center (hosted by NorthSouth GIS). The following […]

Los Angeles Developer Meet up in Pasadena!

Hello there – Jonathan Corbridge from ESRI passed this along

Dev Meet Up – Los Angeles Wednesday, September 15, 2010 from 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM (PT) Green Street Tavern 69 West Green St. Pasadena, 91105 Register for this Dev Meet Up Hey Mark Esri has started a Meet-Up for GIS developers […]

Ooops Google – don’t drive in Pasadena!

Just saw this the other day.

Google has accidentally shifted all buildings in the City of Pasadena to the south by about 350 feet or so.

I wonder what happened? I spoke with Brain Sims at Pasadena (who obviously knows about this) and said that Google hasn’t been very responsive. One reason why you need […]

Cadastral National Spatial Data Infrastructure (i.e. National Parcel Database)

Passed along from Carol Ostergren:

I went to the site but wasn’t able to download data (yet). Maybe there was too much demand – but this is a valuable data source.

Download the Cadastral National Spatial Data Infrastructure, Public Data Set (version 1) from the United States GIS Data Repository The Cadastral National Spatial Data […]

8-Character Passwords Not Secure

From article on Not GIS news but something that could affect all of us…

Researchers made their own “supercomputers” using off-the-shelf graphics cards processors to show that computing power is capable of cracking passwords in short time frames.

“The researchers used clusters of graphics cards to crack eight-character passwords in less than two hours.” […]

Multi-billion gigapixel pictures of cities

Thanks to David Hamamoto from my office: check out these pictures!!!

Prague (18 Gigapixels): Dubai (45 Gigapixels): But, then check out Budapest (70 Gigapixels):