September 2010
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GPS & Art

interesting!!! GPS + art!!! type in our home address. a lot of windows will open. just leave them be. when a window pops up telling you to write or draw something, do it (or not) and just wait.

GIS Job in the City of Glendale

Another opportunity – this time in my home town!

Position Application (IT Applications Analyst-GIS-10.pdf)

GIS position in Long Beach – NOAA Fisheries

Thanks to Carol Ostergren for passing this along:

Job Description (Word File)

GIS Day 2010 Site Plan

The floor plan for GIS Day 2010 is coming together ….

1st Floor-Court Yard-GIS Day

GIS Day 2010 Promo Video

Hello everyone!

We just received a promotional video for GIS Day 2010 from ESRI. A lot of it was shot last year at the County’s GIS Day Event. I saw a lot of our LA County GIS community out there, including Martha Selig, Chris Sellers, Richard Ledesma, Public Works staff, and me too!

There is […]

Location, Location, Location??? L.A. County wants food trucks to carry health letter grades

The County inspects close to 30,000 restaurants – but they are fixed.

I wonder how they plan to geocode those locations? This will make for a very interesting GIS issue … The trucks are supposed to tell the County where they are, but isn’t mobility part of the point?

Don’t know where I […]

Google MapMaker

Google will be launching their MapMaker tools in the US pretty soon. Basically crowdsourcing the creation of GIS data. It has interesting implications – should the County use these tools to update its data? The nice part is that Google is allowing the download of the data – allowing it outside the sandbox of their […]