December 2010
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iPhone app can help find parking spots in Hollywood

An iPhone App lets users know which streets have open parking spots in Hollywood. Parking info is expected to be available for downtown in fall of 2011. Android and Blackberry apps are also anticipated. The app is priced at $1.99 but you can see a parking info map for free at the link below.

GIS as Art (poster art)

For those of you who really care about neighborhoods 🙂

GIS Analyst ranks in top 100 careers

GIS Analyst ranks in top 100 careers and top 10 lowest stress jobs according to Money Magazine and GIS Analyst was ranked 97th overall for 2010.

Link to top 10 least stressful. Link to overall ranking (97th).

Release of Pictometry PowrSuite Extension for ArcMap 10

Thank you for your patience as we have been working hard to prepare the NEW release of the Pictometry ArcMap Extension, which is part of our PowrSuite product line of integrations. […]

Pictometry Certified Training

Pictometry Certified Training

Every day you solve problems, complete tasks and make important decisions. Obtaining specific, applicable, accessible data quickly and easily is imperative. Pictometry has become a trusted source for providing invaluable visual intelligence to make your job easier and more productive. Our goal is to ensure that you continue to maximize the capabilities […]

Tracking Santa Claus on Christmas Eve

For those of you with kids, this is a lot of fun – my kids LOVED it!

Every Christmas Eve, children all over the world ask themselves—and their parents—questions about Santa’s magical journey. How does Santa visit so many children in one night? Will he eat the cookies I left out? How does he fit […]

House Numbering Systems in Los Angeles

I was looking for geocoding in LA County, and came across a paper by Peter Fonda-Bonardi (the County’s acknowledged expert in Addressing). Click here to see the paper

The first paragraph (written in 1994):

The County of Los Angeles (LAC) and its adjacent public agencies use at least sixty (60) different house numbering […]

Download LA County GIS Data

The #1 search on this site is for GIS Data. I finally had the time to put together a list of LA County’s data download sites:

LA County has a number of GIS Data locations where you can look through the County’s GIS Data, download shapefiles and various other GIS formats. Some of the data […]

Using R to visualize Facebook Friends

There are a number of open source data visualization packages out there – R is one of them, and there are a LOT of very cool things that folks can do – take a look at this one:

Passed along from James Fee’s blog: Click here for the link

You may recall seeing […]

Google Maps 5.0 for Android – 3D included!

Compass MOde

Amazing what Google is doing with mobile. Glad I have an Android phone!

Looks like they’ve added 3D, and offline re-routing for your driving directions (so even if you are disconnected you can get re-routed.

View full article on the Google Blog