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Pictometry Certified Training

Pictometry Certified Training

Every day you solve problems, complete tasks and make important decisions. Obtaining specific, applicable, accessible data quickly and easily is imperative. Pictometry has become a trusted source for providing  invaluable visual intelligence to make your job easier and more productive. Our goal is to ensure that you  continue to maximize the capabilities of our imagery and data.

Join us for a unique week long training event where you will learn to use the Pictometry Suite of Applications  to its fullest potential. Each day you will be immersed in detailed, technical information and practical application related to Pictometry imagery and software.  In this interactive learning environment you will gain invaluable insight and experience with Electronic Field  Study and its associated applications including:

  • Configuration Editor makes installations on multiple computers simple. Settings are recorded on one computer and added to the install process for all other computers.
  • ALOHA creates a plume indicating the spread of a chemical if released into the atmosphere.
  • Eco-View integrates Pictometry’s oblique imagery with the diagnostics of near infrared technology.
  • Pictometry PowrSuite for ArcGIS Desktop enables Esri ArcMap 10™ users to access either the Pictometry image library or Pictometry Online.
  • Pictometry ArcMap Extensions enables Esri ArcMap 9.2, 9.3 and 9.3.1 users to access either the Pictometry image library or Pictometry Online.
  • ChangeFindr creates GIS polygon ‘building outlines’ for analysis of changes in size and shape.
  • Change Analysis provides side-by-side historical comparisons of oblique or orthogonal property imagery.

In addition you will also be trained in the use of Pictometry Online, Critical 360 and Self-Hosting Administration. Your instructors are Trainers, Engineers and Processors from within Pictometry

The training will take place on site giving you an inside look at the company. You will spend time in processing and watch how the images come in and how selections are made for our library. Your week will include time in the engineering department discussing how ideas come to fruition. There will be opportunities to ask questions and talk with people in various disciplines within the company.

Share ideas and network with people in your industry. Gain insight from people in different fields as to how they resolve issues and use the imagery. Bring your challenges, obstacles and questions. Our goal is for you to walk away with the knowledge to make everything you do better using Pictometry.


Monday, January 24 – Friday January 28 9am – 4pm daily

Before we begin training we ask that you take a pre-test to determine what you already know about the Pictometry Suite of Applications. We will end the week with another test to see what you have learned over the course of the week. There are also yearly opportunities for re-testing.


• A certificate of completion suitable for framing
• An external hard drive and hard copy with all the materials covered during the week
• A Pictometry Certified Training polo shirt
• A 2011 Pictometry calendar
• Cost for the training seminar, all materials, lunch and snacks – $470

Participants are responsible for making their own travel and hotel accommodations. We will be more than happy to help assist people with making arrangements.


Registration will close January 10
(2 weeks prior to the class)

Phone: 888.771.9714

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