January 2011
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Python, Open Source GIS Training at the CalGIS Conference

Python is a valuable tool for scripting and automating GIS functions. James Fee recently posted about Python (click here to read.)

The California GIS Conference (CalGIS) is offering a day of Python training ahead of the conference.  This is a good training opportunity at lower cost for GIS Analysts who want to learn more about Python.

There are a couple of other training opportunities too.  To see details, click here.

The CalGIS Conference Team finalizing the program for CalGIS2011 and we have added 4 pre-conference workshops & tours for your benefit.  The program looks good and we hope that you will come and take advantage of it.  Please see our website www.calgis.org for current information or to register.  Note: The pre-conference workshops & tours have additional costs.

Preconference Workshops:
Basics of Python and ArcGIS Geoprocessing
($150)  – 8 hour intro to Python and ArcGIS geoprocessing – Taught by GIS Training Mutual, Dave Hansen

Introduction to Open Source GIS with PostGIS, MapServer, and OpenLayers ($150) – 8 hr intro to web mapping using an open source stack – taught by Chander Ganesen, Open Technology Group

Preconference Tours: From Watershed to Wine ($30) – Tour starting at Pine Flat Res. and following water to farms and vineyards, ending with a wine and cheese tasting at CSUFresno.  (for more details see http://gis.uckac.edu/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=6&Itemid=6)  Full Day

Forest Service GIS ($40) – Tour of Forest Service GIS at the Prather Station – Half Day

We also have a linked-in group, a twitter feed, and are working on our facebook page for CalGIS.  Keep an eye out for those connections.

Registration is going well and we are ahead of pace from the last couple of years.  We hope that this means a large and lively group for our conference this year.  Please join us.

Jeff Orton

Chair CalGIS 2011

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