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JOB OPENING: GIS and Data Coordinator, Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks, CA


Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks is looking for a GIS and Data Management Coordinator (GS-12). This is a permanent position with the National Park Service! We are looking for someone who has solid GIS and data management skills, but also has the management excellence and big thinking ability to lead a successful program. The position is advertised as both open to all US citizens and nationals as well as merit promotion for existing federal employees. It's based in Three Rivers, CA, which is a lovely small town in the foothills of the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains. The city of Visalia is 30 minutes away.

Please forward this message widely. The closing date is January 24.

For full announcements and instructions on how to apply, go to:

Job Title: GIS Specialist (Interdisciplinary)
Department: Department Of The Interior
Agency: National Park Service
Job Announcement Number: SEKI 423711

Job Summary:
This position serves as the Geographic Information System (GIS) and Data Management Coordinator/Section Chief in the Science and Data Integration Branch of the Division of Resource Management and Science at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks (SEKI).

This is an interdisciplinary position that may be filled by candidates who meet the requirements for Biologist GS-401, Geographer GS-150, or Physical Scientist GS 1301. The interdisciplinary nature of this position requires expertise in three areas: a) integrated knowledge of physical, biological, and social sciences (e.g., ecology, geography), b) programmatic leadership and coordination, and c) technical skills in spatial and non-spatial data management and analysis. The incumbent works collaboratively within the parks, as well as with other federal agencies, state agencies, and non-governmental partners. SEKI is part of the Southern Sierra Nevada Ecoregion. The Ecoregion provides many highly valued ecosystem services, such as recreation, biodiversity, and water for agricultural, energy production, and domestic water needs. The Ecoregion is relatively intact, and its headwaters and middle watersheds are almost entirely administered for public benefits. However, landscape changes, including the effects of global climate change, shifting fire regimes, patterns of human land use, increasing air pollution, and other ecosystem agents of change have already affected the integrity of this ecoregion’s natural, cultural, and socio-economic resources. All of these agents of change interact with one another, and affect ecosystems in complex ways that require effective and efficient data practices to enhance understanding and management of public lands. SEKI is collaborating with other federal and state agencies and nongovernmental organizations to implement a landscape-scale science strategy called the “Strategic Framework for Science in Support of Management in the Southern Sierra Nevada Ecoregion”. This position is part of a dynamic, interdisciplinary team that implements this Strategic Framework by expanding upon and improving SEKI’s scientific, analytical, data management, and information-sharing capacity.
Salary Range: $68,809.00 - $89,450.00 /year
Series & Grade: GS-0401-12
Open Period: Tuesday, January 11, 2011 to Monday, January 24, 2011
Position Information: Full Time Career/Career Conditional
Duty Locations: 1 vacancy - Sequoia and Kings Canyon N P, CA

Major Duties:
The incumbent is responsible for the technical and administrative development, improvement, management, and implementation of the GIS and data management systems within the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks (SEKI). The position is located in the Division of Resource Management and Science, but works cross-functionally to support other program areas, such as fire management and law enforcement. As a program coordinator, the incumbent performs tasks such as planning, designing, and implementing new or improved procedures for meeting the Parks’ GIS and data management needs, and training of the Parks’ staff in GIS and other data management technologies. The incumbent serves as a technical and administrative supervisor for lower graded GIS and data management staff. The incumbent is responsible for implementing specific technical projects as well as managing the GIS and data management program as a whole. Project management includes creating thematic work plans and scopes of work, soliciting internal funding and external grants to support implementation of planned work, and overseeing conceptualization through completion of projects performed, including the administration of contracts and agreements and management of budgets. The incumbent works with the science coordinator to establish a regional science information clearinghouse and website that supports the goals of the “Strategic Framework for Science in Support of Management in the Southern Sierra Nevada Ecoregion”. The incumbent coordinates, facilitates, and supports the application of spatial and non-spatial data to develop products, such as resource condition and vulnerability assessments, that support the Parks’ management decision-making.

Koren R. Nydick, PhD
Science Coordinator/Ecologist
Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks
Phone:  559-565-4292
FAX:  559-565-4207

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