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Re-ordering fields in ArcMap – help!

Does anyone know how to re-order fields in ArcMap?

I have consistently had problems re-ordering fields in ArcMap.  This just came to a head, since we are developing our standard data structure for a new Land Types dataset.  I got a very nice data structure put together (copied from our point feature dataset), loaded up to SDE, versioned it, and successfully edited – yay!  Then – oops – I was missing the EMAIL field.  OK – I can add it easily – but it needs to go specifically in between the URL and the phone number field – remember this is a critical, standard layer.

How do I do this? The “Add Field” function inside of ArcMap ALWAYS adds the fields to the end of the table.  I get that – it happened before in ArcView 3, but HOW do I change that?

I’m dating myself here, but in ArcView 3.x – you open the table, put it in editing mode, add the field to the end, drag the field to where you want it to end up, and then export the table (or shapefile).  Voila – the field is in the new location.   I was ready to do this, but some of my field lengths exceed the .dbf lengths, so I need to keep everything in a file geodatabase to keep my data whole.

Does the featureclass to featureclass do this?  There are up and down arrows on the right side – but they don’t do anything!

Please help!  How do you do this?

PS. – I went online and found a script called (guess what?) ReorderFields.  This worked.  The interface is a bit clugey, but it worked like a charm.  Thanks to whoever wrote that!

Here’s a couple of screenshots:

Feature 2 Feature

Reorder Fields

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