February 2011
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PG&E’s GIS implementation faulted in San Bruno Explosion

Forward by Carol Ostergren (thanks). We have to make sure our data is complete!

This article in last Sunday’s San Francisco Chronicle points to PG&E’s inadequate GIS as one problem that led to the San Bruno explosion that killed 8 people. Here are some quotes from the article:

“Experts interviewed by The Chronicle said the […]

eGIS Committee Meeting Agenda (February 15th).

I have attached the eGIS Committee Agenda for tomorrow’s meeting: February – 20110215.eGIS meeting notice and Agenda.pdf

We’ll see a demonstration of:

Regional Planning’s new GIS Application, Z-NET (http://planning.lacounty.gov/znet) The Location Management System (http://gis.lacounty.gov/lms) and a draft of the County’s GIS viewer in Silverlight.

See you tomorrow – have a […]

Map your Valentine!

As shown on Google Maps Mania this morning, you can use the new Map Your Valentine tool to send a virtual Valentine’s card to a loved one. It features a nice integration of Google Maps and Street View, tucked inside of the virtual card.

BBC News – Millions jam street-level crime map website

Interesting article and web site on crime maps. Also liked that they encourage public to develop & share of AP’s using police data.


Cockpit view of landing at LAX

My wife thought I would like this, and I did. Check out this video on YouTube

It’s a very cool video showing the pilot’s view of a sunset landing at LAX. Why did I add this here? The creator highlights certain geographic features as downtown, etc. which highlights the way […]

3D Mapping article and video

Excerpted from an e-mail post:

3D mapping is fast gaining traction and I see it as being the norm within ten to fifteen years at the latest, when it is quite possible that digital maps as we know them will go the way of the Dodo Bird. The possibilities for crime analysis are many. For […]