March 2011
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Valuable source for ArcMap plugins

I ran across this site last night when looking for other things, and I think it is a great source of GIS folks out there. It has lots and lots of code written by the Utah GIS team – I’m sure you’ll find something valuable.

Here’s the link:

Let me […]

March eGIS Committee Meeting Agenda

Hello everyone,

Please find tomorrow’s agenda attached:March – 20110315.eGIS meeting notice and Agenda

I have placed an item on our agenda to discuss lessons learned from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan – a discussion about how we can plan to help support the County.

Esri Japan earthquake and tsunami map

An interactive map of the Japan earthquake and tsunami by Esri incorporates social media updates along with news and seismic information.

Los Angeles Solar Atlas released

This was released today. This entire report is based upon the Solar Map data that was created for our LA County Solar Map. It doesn’t get a lot of attention in the report, but that data is the largest, most comprehensive solar model for an area the size of LA County.


GIS & Science Blog Site

Since I’m sending out lots and lots of content – why not mention a site that I subscribe to, that was passed to me:

The “GIS & Science” site is constantly updated with cutting-edge use of GIS to solve very complex problems. These tend to be research papers, but they keep my eyes […]

Bing Maps Webcast

This just arrived – thought I would pass it along too: These look good (and free)!

You’re Invited to attend Bing Maps Webcast

Event ID:



Event Date:

March 24, 2011


Event Time:

2:00pm – 3:00pm […]

Public Technology Institute (PTI) GIS Award Winners

PTI is a wonderful organization that provides access to “best practices” for technology and GIS. This is well highlighted by their GIS solutions award winners. Most of these applications solve needs in any other jurisdiction out there. One of the key drivers of collaboration within GIS is that most counties and cities use GIS for […]

LA County’s Population is 9,818,605

So – the number is in, and the questions (I’m sure) are on their way. The Census released population figures from the 2010 Census yesterday as part of the redistricting process yesterday!

LA County’s population increased by only 299,267 people between 2000 and 2010, from 9,519,338 to 9,818,605. Still a lot of people!

Here are […]

Event: Emergency Management & Homeland Security


For GIS folks interested in Emergency Management issues, or Emergency Management Folks interested in GIS, I’ll be speaking at the Geospatial Summitt Series event.

The date and time is March 17th, from 8:30 – 2:30, at the California Endowment next to Union Station.

The purpose of this event is to bring together specialized GIS […]