April 2011
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Solar Map version 2 released – what color are your dots?

We’ve launched the second version of the LA County Solar map here: http://solarmap.lacounty.gov

There are some really cool new features to this new site, including:

  • The actual measurements from our solar model are represented on the map – you can actually see which parts of your roof are good for solar.  What color are your dots?
  • Addition of thermal water heating information.
  • An official report with the map and information in .pdf that can be downloaded and printed.
  • A translation to Spanish
  • The addition of 3D buildings with solar models for county owned buildings!

Take a look, and if you have comments, there is a feedback link on the top right!

  • The addition of 3D

5 comments to Solar Map version 2 released – what color are your dots?

  • Wow this is awesome – love the fact that everyone can see exactly how they can benefit from solar and as Tom pointed out how it could be used for targeted marketing to help those who could most benefit from solar!

  • Nice update, especially the matrix of sample points on each roof. Wish we had an equivalent app in the OC.

    A couple of thoughts.

    Is there a way for solar contractors to access the data by location “quality” (e.g. query all the Excellent properties in a given area) so that they might develop targeted marketing campaigns?

    Is there a way to get a URL that directly links to a property?

    Good work!

    • markgreninger

      Good ideas Tom. For now we allow folks to buy the entire parcel level dataset for $334 and then they can go at it. But we could look at making it available as a function on the site. And the link to a property could be good too.

  • I am liking the new features especially the 3D buildings with Solar info.

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