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Please Help: Review the ESRI Community Map for Los Angeles County

As part of our LAR-IAC outreach, and for GIS in general, we’ve worked with ESRI to move some of our LAR-IAC data (buildings) into their community basemap.  This will be a free service available from ESRI, so it is good to provide feedback.

Clarification: My first post might have suggested that we only provided the building outlines.  We have provided many other layers, including land types, points of interest, lakes, trees, parcels, county and municipal boundaries, airport boundaries, contours, vegetation, hillshades, bridges, state and national parks – so LA County data makes up a lot of the map.

Here is the information on connecting.

To access from a web browser


To access from ArcMap

  1. Click the Add Data button, double click GIS Servers and double click Add ArcGIS Server.
  2. Select Use GIS Services and click Next. Leave Internet selected and paste in the following URL: http://ec2-184-72-171-135.compute-1.amazonaws.com/ArcGIS/services and click Finish.
  3. Double click on the new server connection and double click LosAngeles.
  4. To view the service zoom to 1:9000 and closer. The cache was built for the 9K, 4.5K, 2K and 1K level.

Here’s an example of an error that I have found:

Community Map error

1 comment to Please Help: Review the ESRI Community Map for Los Angeles County

  • LongBeach

    There are many label issues within the Long Beach area. Example – at the Long Beach Convention Center and Arena there is the label for Carver Elementary school and another vacant building (Broadway & Pacific) has the label of Grazide Elementary School which is not in Long Beach.

    The Metro Blue Line is called out as Pacific Electric Railway.

    How much would you like us to review/check and how do you want us to report them. Item by item? or general concerns.

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