August 2011
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WordPress runs 14.7% of the top million websites in the world

Everyone knows I love WordPress, but I didn’t know the scope of how many other people love it too 🙂 It’s pretty amazing of what

From a recent post on the WordPress blog:

This has been an exciting year for WordPress. We’ve grown to power 14.7% of the top million websites in the world, up […]

Milky Way Transit Authority

Michael Carson passed this link to the Milky Way Transit Authority along – it’s an interesting concept for maps ….

A snippet from the site:

Urban transit maps are wonderful tools: they are guides to traveling, they serve as mechanisms for distilling and abstracting a city down to a set of […]

ESRI Capacity Planning and Benchmark Reference Guide for ArcGIS Server

For anyone looking at installing ArcGIS Server and looking for a capacity planning guide, the attached documents are very good references. I still have a number of question (like how the benchmark map service draws maps in .46 seconds when at the end it seems to show more like one second, but these are questions […]

GIS in the Cloud

Betsy Barker from Beaches and Harbors passed this presentation along. It’s a quick read, and I think it provides a very good overview of the “cloud” and how ESRI is leveraging it, from Software as a Service (SaaS) to Infrastructure as a service.

Link: GIS in the Cloud (.pdf file)

eGIS Committee Meeting Agenda for August 16th, 2011

Please find the agenda for tomorrow’s eGIS Committee Meeting attached here: August – 20110816.eGIS meeting notice and Agenda (pdf file)

We’ll see some updates on GIS Day, as well as training from ISD and the new GIS Lab.

For the agenda

One item I will be discussing is the map template file […]

Mailifest Destiny – US expansion visualized as post offices

Thanks to Joel Myhre for passing this along.

This is very cool:

With the post office planning on shutting a lot of post offices down, I guess this will need to be updated.

Note – it says at the bottom that the video was created using “Processing.” Looks like an interesting too:

What Patch Level is your ArcMap?

I'm all patched up!

Hi there,

Thought I would pass this zipped executable along – it’s useful to find out your patch level, and can quickly let you know if you should install the latest patch.

I do recommend installing ArcGIS Desktop 10.0 Service Pack 2 at this time – it’s […]

Bored with your Windows 7 Desktop? Add some dynamic themes

Download the Bing Aerial Theme

In case you’re bored with your Windows 7 Desktop, these are automatically updated (supposedly):

Bing Maps Aerial Imagery: There are lots of other ones out there too!

GIS Courses at the College of Marin

I wanted to pass this information along:

If you or someone you know might be interested in learning GIS at College of Marin, just across the Golden Gate from San Francisco in marvelous Marin County, please see the attached flyers. And, if you’re already enrolled, please feel free to recruit a teammate to […]

Survey on GIS skills and employment

Michael Carson from Santa Monica passed this along. It’s quick, and I look forward to the results.

Call for input:

Are you currently employed in the field of GIS? Help contribute to this study about the state of GIS employment and the skills needed to succeed as a GIS professional. The survey will be open […]