September 2011
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Map of the adopted LA County Board of Supervisor boundaries

In case you want to print out a large map of the newly adopted boundaries, ISD has created one that you can use. It is 60 inches by 77 inches.

PDF map of the adopted board boundares (60×77).pdf

Thanks guys!

GIS Data for 2011 Supervisorial District Boundaries (Adopted September 27, 2011)

2011 District Boundaries

Please note that this boundary is not yet effective – this is for reference and planning purposes only until it takes effect on October 27th, 2011.

The Board of Supervisors adopted a set of new Supervisorial Districts yesterday (September 27, 2011). I have loaded this data into the […]

LAR-IAC3 Briefing Meeting Reminder – Thursday 9/29/11

We’re getting farther along with the current LAR-IAC Project and really would like to share where we are. The oblique imagery has been loaded into Pictometry Online (POL) and is being used by current L3 participants. The ortho imagery is being processed by Sanborn and everything is being QC’d by Dewberry & Davis. […]

Calabasas Annexation – Updated Caches for LA County

The City of Calabasas just completed an annexation into the Unincorporated County. The eGIS team has just completed updating the map caches to reflect this change.

At the same time this gave me the opportunity to make a number of other changes that reflect improved cartography.

These changes affect two map caches:

The LACounty_StreetMap Cache […]

eGIS Steering Committee Agenda

Hello everyone,

The agenda for today’s meeting is attached.

September eGIS meeting notice and Agenda.pdf

EGIS Steering Committee Meeting

Hi everyone,

I forgot to send out the reminder for tomorrows meeting before I left for vacation. I will send out the agenda tomorrow morning (I’m on my way home now.) See you tomorrow.

Congratulations to Nick for being an Outstanding IT Manager

Well deserved!

LA County live in ESRI’s Community Basemap

After a bit of work, ESRI has loaded a lot of the County’s data into the Community Basemap (AKA the World Topographic Map). This includes many layers from the County’s GIS data repository, and will be the most accurate online map available free to the public for areas that include the entire County. We will […]

2011 imagery now available in Pictometry Online

2011 Imagery

I wanted to let everyone know that Pictometry has implemented the LAR-IAC 3 oblique imagery (flown in 2011) in Pictometry Online (POL) – available at

Along with this change, we are updating the password for the generic LARIAC user account. If you have been using the generic […]

Cal State Northridge offering Graduate Credit Certificate

CSUN has placed a number of students at the County over the past year, so I thought I would pass along the information about their program ..

Graduate Credit Certificate in Geographical Information Science and Technology (GIST)

Classes begin Spring 2012

CSUN’s 18-unit graduate certificate program will equip college graduates with at least one year […]