September 2011
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Calabasas Annexation – Updated Caches for LA County

The City of Calabasas just completed an annexation into the Unincorporated County.  The eGIS team has just completed updating the map caches to reflect this change.

At the same time this gave me the opportunity to make a number of other changes that reflect improved cartography.

These changes affect two map caches:

  1. The LACounty_StreetMap Cache
  2. The LACounty_Base Cache

Changes fall under the following areas:

  1. Added the Calabasas Annexation
  2. City Boundaries more accurately follow features on the water, eliminating the masking of Redondo Beach and Santa Monica Piers, and following the piers in the Port of LA/LB exactly to eliminate cartographic ghosts.
  3. I added the breakwaters for the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach, and matched the city boundaries to them for enhanced cartography.
  4. Fixed an issue where the ocean masked out the bridges in the Port of LA.
  5. Fixed an error with a street near the Santa Monica Pier that went into the ocean.
  6. For the Base Cache, I  turned off the ocean layer which was masking the high-resolution aerial photography underneath to enhance the information shown.
  7. Not shown here – I updated the city boundary to eliminate an incorrect incorporated piece of LA City near the Grove.  It’s not shown here, but see if you can find it!


 Snapshots of the changes

Redondo Beach      
Santa Monica Pier      
Port of LA/LB              

Let me know if you have any questions/comments.  I am always looking to improve the quality of the maps we produce

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