October 2011
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Good article about updating 911 systems with better data

The County began maintaining its own GIS address data back in 2000. In its current iteration, the system to maintain it, the Countywide Address Management System (CAMS). has managed to achieve very good accuracy rates of over 99% of source data, but as the article forwarded to me from Glendale shows, I am thinking that […]

CalGIS 2012 – Abstracts and Registration

I attend this conference each year – it’s focused on California, which is nice, and on a broader “GIS” concept than just ESRI software (although there’s a lot of that too.)

CalGIS 2012 – the 18th Annual California GIS Conference – will take place April 11-13, 2012 at the Sheraton Sacramento. Capitalizing […]

Santa Clarita Valley GIS User Consortium

Mike Wahl from the Valencia Water Company let me know that GIS users in the Santa Clarita Valley have started a user group consisting of mostly utility companies and other agencies. They want to create a forum to share data and ideas about GIS and enable greater communication during emergencies.

Mike notes: “We would like […]

2011 GIS Day Flyer

The 2011 GIS Day Flyer is here! It’s a great overview of our goal for GIS Day, which is a free event to promote the effective and efficient use of GIS across LA County.

The LA County Department of Public Works did a GREAT job on this flyer, which has a lot of great […]

GIS Coordinator Position in Torrance


City of Torrance, California

Salary: $39.82- $48.39 per hour (plus Certification pay up to 15% and excellent benefits).

The City of Torrance is seeking a Systems Analyst (GIS) to join our Communications and Information Technology Department.

The Systems Analyst requires supervisory, technical leadership, project management and “hands-on” technical skills. As a proactive […]