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GIS Day Proclamation Approved by LA County Board of Supervisors

LA County’s Board of Supervisors approved a motion this past Tuesday to declare November 16th, 2011 as GIS Day!  I’m looking forward to the 15th, where the GIS Day committee, who has been working very hard on the upcoming event, while attend the Board meeting and get a beautiful scroll, which we plan to have on hand at the free LA County GIS Day event, open to the public, on November 16th at the Department of Public Works Headquarters.

For more information on GIS Day, see to the GIS Day website.

Click to see the motion: Approved Motion for GIS Day (.pdf file)

Here is the text of the proclamation:

WHEREAS, geography has played a defining role in the settlement, history, and cultural  heritage of Los Angeles County, our nation, and humanity; and 
WHEREAS, the management, use, and exchange of geographic information is essential  for effective decision making; and 
WHEREAS, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technologies are a powerful tool for  supporting emergency services, homeland security, economic development,  environmental protection, crime mapping, healthcare, long-range planning, and much  more; and 
WHEREAS, there is a need to promote GIS awareness, education, and technical  training among various groups to appropriately and effectively utilize this rapidly  developing technology; and 
WHEREAS, the Los Angeles County Enterprise GIS Steering Committee coordinates  efforts to eliminate duplication, reduce costs, develop standards, and to facilitate the  sharing and interchange of GIS data, methods, and knowledge; and 
WHEREAS, having a day of GIS activities open to students, citizens, and government  leaders will help achieve greater awareness of the benefits of GIS. 
I, THEREFORE, MOVE that the Board of  Supervisors hereby proclaims Wednesday,  November 16, 2011, as “Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Day” in the County of  Los Angeles. 

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