November 2011
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USGS Historical Topographic Map Collection released for California

LA (1949)

Drew Decker from the USGS passed this along:

Here’s a link directly into the USGS Store.  You have to click on the map, then you can click on the bubble to get the pop-up list of maps.

Here are a couple of maps I downloaded:

Hello Everyone:

We want to announce that the USGS Historical Topographic Map Collection is now available for California.  The agency posted this News Release earlier today:

As the Release says, all the historical topographic maps for California are available for free download at the USGS Store (  This is part of a national project to collect and distribute the entire collection of topo maps created by USGS for the country – every scale, every edition, everywhere.

Pasadena (1896)

We also want to remind everyone that in 2012 new topographic maps will be generated for California.  The maps have the look and feel of the original topographic maps but are an entirely digital product.  You may recall that these maps were created to a beta standard in 2009; the 2012 maps (now called US Topo) will be much improved.  Highlights include hospital locations (supplied by CA Department of Health), surface water (with edits from California National Hydrography Dataset stewards), contour lines, updated imagery from 2010, addition of the green woodland tint, and statewide completion (the 2009 version was not completed over US Forest Service lands).

If you have any questions about either the historic or upcoming topographic maps just let us know.  Thanks,

Drew and Carol


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