November 2011
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GIS Day 2011 – Where in the County?

GIS Day Game 2011

Every year a highlight of GIS Day is our GIS Day Game “Where in the County”.  Originally thought up by Regional Planning as part of the inaugural event, it has become a lot of fun to create, and provides an opportunity to get folks to know some landmarks of LA County a bit better.

We select 9 landmarks, place them on a large poster, and have a  form for attendees (you) to take their best shot at guessing which ones they are.  If you get six or more right, you’ll be entered into the drawing that happens every half hour.  The person with their name drawn gets to select from one of the great prizes that have been donated by our participants.

I have been told that this year’s game is the hardest one yet!

This year, to give everyone a bit of a head start, I am posting the GIS Day Game poster today!  I will not be giving out any hints or clues before the day – so if you don’t know where any of these locations are, you’ll have to come to GIS Day to find out!

Download the full resolution file (4 Mb – poster size) GIS Day 2011 Game Poster.pdf

For more information on GIS Day, see our GIS Day Website.

GIS Day Game 2010

For fun, I’m posting the GIS Day Game from 2010,  along with the answers.  Don’t peek!

GIS Day Game 2010









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