December 2011
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Google Maps API V3 to stop ignoring the key parameter

Passing this along:

Dear Maps API Premier customers,

The Google Maps JavaScript API V3 will soon stop ignoring the key parameter. Sites that include this parameter when loading the Maps JavaScript V3 will need to remove it. For further details please refer to the following public announcement:

Do not use a Google Maps API V2 key when loading the Maps API V3!topic/google-maps-js-api-V3/oJf7I5FdAdY

If your site loads the JavaScript Maps API (V2 or V3) using your Client Id as detailed in our Premier documentation and does not include the key parameter, no action is required.

Consumer Javascript V2 applications use the key parameter to provide their API key (e.g. key=ABQI...) in the requests to the API, whereas Maps API Premier applications need to use the client parameter to provide a Maps API Premier Client Id, e.g. client=gme-yourclientid in the requests. If you migrated your application over from the the v2 JS API to the v3 JS API, it’s possible you also migrated over your v2 style key to your v3 JS API application

Including the key parameter along with a v2 style key contravenes the Google Maps Javascript V3 API syntax. Whilst it is currently ignored, continuing to include this parameter will cause V3 JS API requests to fail in the near future.

We have notified those Maps API Premier customers that are sending a Client Id either in the key parameter (e.g. key=gme-yourclientid) or in conjunction with the key parameter(e.g. client=gme-yourclientid&key=ABQI... in V3 JS API requests. Sites that continue to send such requests will be rejected in the near future and will not receive the benefits entitled by their Maps API Premier license.

If you continue using applications using the key in the request for the Maps API, please change this into client=gme-yourclientid and make sure to remove the key parameter.

Please see details about how to provide your Client Id to the API services in our Premier documentation:

Google Maps API Premier Developer’s Guide

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