December 2011
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Downtown LA Street Renamed! Or Was It?

I was looking at Google Maps this morning and noticed something odd – a street one block from my office was renamed!  Now the way the City of LA works, I figured there would have been a big hullabaloo about this, but I hadn’t seen anything.

Well, it’s probably just an error – so I checked a couple of sources (Bing, Yahoo Maps, Open Street Map, Esri)…you know, the usual suspects.  They all have it as N Hill St – so I’m pretty sure I’m right.  But Google has it as ‘W 1st St Road’.  So there are about seven (7) blocks mislabeled (from 1st Street in the Civic Center to Ord St. in Chinatown).  Doing an address search in that range just kicks you back to S Hill St., but that’s not right either.

So I fired up Google Map Maker, so I could let them know.  I made the proposed change relatively smoothly, so we’ll see.  Now the last time I did an edit using Google Map Maker I was basically fighting with the Google Team about a label that was off about a half a mile.  They fixed it eventually – but every e-mail kept saying they denied my update.

So keep your fingers crossed that this gets updated before someone makes a wrong turn somewhere!

3 comments to Downtown LA Street Renamed! Or Was It?

  • markgreninger

    That is really quick. good for them!

  • IMartinez

    On behalf of everyone alive that updates their social networks from mobile devices, please forward this to google:

    “THx 4 F1xng dis so q1k 2day! ;P”

  • That is record time! Fixed already. But funny, if you read the comment, seems they wanted to lecture me as well:
    “Hey, thanks for your edit to Map Maker. This edit looks good however when we add street names we want to add the whole name ie “Street” instead of “St”. I will fix this for you this time. Thanks again and keep on mapping!”
    Note – The label says “St” so that’s what I put, and that’s what they put on the map. Funny!

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