January 2012
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January eGIS Committee Meeting – Agenda

Please find the agenda for next week’s meeting attached: January – 2012_0117.eGIS meeting notice and Agenda

I’m looking forward to Wendy Harn’s demonstration of the Sheriff’s new Crime Mapping and Analysis site which includes information from both LASD and LAPD (it’s an internal application).  I have attached a screenshot to the right.

Importantly,  there are three draft GIS policies that I would like everyone to review and comment on.  These policies follow directions that most County departments are already moving, but formalizing them and gaining feedback to resolve any questions is critical.

Here they are: Technology Focus Area – Recommended Enterprise GIS Policies

One of them relates to ESRI software – I’ll be bringing copies of the most recent pricing list related to the County’s Master Purchase Agreement with ESRI – don’t forget to leverage that.

And for more interest, I’ve completed a test of the new ESRI Geocoding engine that was released with version 10.  The current, LA County developed rules seem to do a better job at geocoding (98.6% rate vs. 94.3% rate).  Download the full results: Comparison of LA County 931 geocoder and ESRI v10 geocoder.

Note – I’m fairly familiar with the test data – it is pretty dirty so many of the 1.4% rejects are caused by bad address data so don’t blame the geocoders.

ESRI is interested in working with us to identify where the differences are, and how they can increase their accuracy (as are we of courese).

Have a great weekend everyone (it’s a holiday).  See you Tuesday!



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