February 2012
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GIS Jobs with PG&E

This was recently posted on the California Geographic Information Association (CGIA) website:


Tune your map data before publishing (MXDPERFSTAT)

Result sample

A tool I recently began leveraging is the MXDPERFSTAT tool that gives very detailed outputs for the layer draw speed in a map document. This can help you tune your map data to help speed up map drawing – critical for all mapping that you may be doing (both […]

Re-Indexing the eGIS Database

We have noticed some issues with our GIS database over the past couple of weeks, so we ran a large SQL Server re-index on our entire AERIAL database (4 Tb). The results look really good so far. This is the result of the mxdperfstat tool across one of our most complicated map files (the LACounty […]

Subscribing to RSS feeds for ESRI support articles

I wanted to pass this information along – I think it can help a lot of us out! The Online Support Resources team has added RSS feeds to the technical articles repository on the Esri Support knowledge base. You can set up a custom RSS feed based on software, version, and article type. […]

February LA County eGIS Committee Meeting Agenda

LA County Canvas

I hope everyone is having a good 2012 so far. Our standard committee meeting is coming up next Tuesday, so I wanted to pass along the agenda: February – 2012_0221.eGIS meeting notice and Agenda.pdf

We have some good news on LAR-IAC 3 with delivery and […]

Local High Schoolers Win Another Award – Using GIS

The kids from this high school come to our GIS Day event each year. Not much mention of GIS in the article (just once) – but that’s the backbone of how they are analyzing the data. Great job Carbonators! (their self-proclaimed name).

Click here for the article or past the link in your […]

Google Maps Help Predict Meth Labs Before They Open

This is an issue in LA County – so I thought this was interesting article. Click here for the article or past this link in your browser: http://www.fastcompany.com/1814225/law-enforcements-secret-weapon-google-maps?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Esri-News+%28ESRI.com+-+News%29

Getting started with Maps in the Classroom


also has interesting Additional resources


GIS Job in the City of Glendale


Hello everyone,

Justin Mank from the City of Glendale passed along a new GIS Job opening for an hourly GIS job in the City of Glendale ($20 – $29 per hour).



TileMill another step forward for Open Source GIS Software (maybe)

James Fee pointed me to this post, which caught my attention when it discussed doing maps on windows: “The lack of a really good cartographic tool has been the achilles heel for the adoption open source mapping, but TileMill plugs that deficiency”


I’ve installed both QGIS and gvSIG on my computer to test […]