March 2012
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LA County Enterprise GIS Steering Committee Agenda – March 2012 meeting

The Meeting Agenda for our Steering Committee is attached: March – 2012_0320.eGIS meeting notice and Agenda.pdf

I have invited Source Graphics to present information about the newest plotters from HP, their new features, as well as details of a trade-in program that can reduce the cost for replacing your existing plotters.  I’ve also asked them to showcase some of the 3D printers that are out on the market to get more details about them.  This will be informational only so that you can get an idea of what’s coming and what is out there!

Along with our regular GIS Updates, Regional Planning will demonstrate a new application they have created for Agricultural Commissioner/Weights and Measures, and the eGIS Team will provide some updates about the infrastructure, including a strategic view of the development environment they are building for County departments.

There has been a lot of work recently on two fronts:

  1. The Strategic Planning Sub-committee has begun work on an update to the current Strategic Plan.  I am attaching the current version with all of the gory editing details for your interest and comment.  This is an important initiative since it codifies our goals for the next few years – it’s the thinking of GIS leaders about what we need to do to make GIS successful and useful in the County.  Enterprise GIS Strategic Plan – with CIO, DPW, ISD edits (pdf file).
  2. The draft policies and directives.  Based upon feedback from departments, I have made a number of changes to the drafts that were presented last month.  Here are the updated versions (again with all of the gory details so you can see exactly what has changed.  I have changed two of them from suggested board policies to CEO directives, since they tie to other countywide policies rather than being a stand-alone board policy.

If we have remaining time there are a couple of tips I’d like to show.

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