May 2012
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LA County Board of Supervisors approves new GIS Classifications (May 2012)


I haven’t had the time to post about this before today, but I am very happy to report that the LA County Board of Supervisors adopted a GIS classification series for the County!

For the first time the County has a career path for staff doing GIS, and will recognize GIS related degrees when hiring for GIS positions!  A recent survey indicated that the County has close to 200 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) positions doing GIS, and invests over $20 million per year in this technology.  These positions will help us recruit and retain the best mapping and geographic personnel, and keep the County as a leader in geospatial technologies.

Note: At this point only the position and salary ranges are available – we will be publishing a complete list of both the salaries as well as the necessary qualifications when they are finalized in the next few weeks.



This has been a long process, and would not have been possible without the contributions of a group of extremely dedicated experts that have made this day possible.  Many many people have helped get this through, but I wanted to acknowledge some key individuals.

  • Susan Curran (CEO) – who is the County expert on all classifications, and whose tireless efforts and great humor (and patience with my exuberance) made this process smooth.
  • Steve Masterson (CEO) – who has supported this effort from the beginning and been a great advocate.
  • Sandra Comrie (Reward Strategy) – the consultant who did the heavy lifting to review the reams of information that we provided to her and converted them into real classifications.
  • Richard Sanchez (CIO) –  sent the initial letter to the CEO requesting this effort, which will pay dividends for many years.
  • Our eGIS Positions Subcommittee – all of these folks came together and provided real leadership and advocacy to complete this – and are being rewarded for 3 years of patience!
    • Nick Franchino (DRP) – Nick got this ball rolling 3 years ago when he approached our CEO, Bill Fujioka, at GIS Day and convinced him of the importance of new GIS classifications.
    • Vandana Joshi (DMH) –  provided perspective of the use of GIS from a public policy and social science angle.
    • Marianne Jeffers/Jeff Wingate (DPW) – supported this effort tirelessly and gave great advice on the use of GIS and the desperate need for these classifications within DPW.
    • Kenneth Bennett (RRCC) – provided expert advice and was a great advocate
    • Alfie Blanch/Ed Lamas/Tim Smith (Fire) – helped push this along and provided great advice.
    • Emilio Solano (Assessor) – provided excellent input.

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