June 2012
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How maps were made and updated in the 1940’s.

This video is GREAT! Â New we know how maps were made before computers (amazing isn’t it?)

Thanks Joel for passing along. Â GIS maintenance is not a new thing …

Click here to see the video.

`Thanks to smartphones and GPS, maps are just one more thing we tend to take for […]

GIS Jobs in Anchorage, Alaska

I got a recent connection about gis jobs in Alaska that I wanted to pass along:

I represent a company located in Anchorage Alaska. My client is in need of  a Senior GIS Programmer/Analyst. This person must have strong Geodata and Cartographic Skills and be experienced with ESRI GIS Software to include;  ArcMap, […]

Census Data Workshops at LA County DPW HQ

Passing this along to folks who might be interested in learning more about Census data. Â Click here to download the flyer:Â LA County Flyer Census (word file)

The Census data workshop will provide hands-on training to access the most up-to-date data for incorporated and unincorporated areas within Los Angeles County. Participants […]

QGIS 1.8 is released

To this point, I find QGIS to be the best open source alternative to ESRI’s ArcMap product. Â So I thought I would pass this along.


Today is a big day for GIS users. QGIS 1.8 is out and about. Check out the new features on their website.

A couple […]

Geocortex Essentials 3.9 is ArcGIS Server 10.1 Compliant

Good news for LA County. Â We generally wait for a while before we put new releases of applications into production, but we will be working to establish a test server with this on there.

From Latitude Geographics:


3D GIS in Columbia Co.

Columbia County, Georgia implemented 3D mapping data which is accessible through a simple viewer or through ArcMap and AutoCAD. Â It is also accessible in the field with laptops via wireless VPN connections.

The article describes it, “Think of Google Street View, but with the added bonus of measuring the height and depth of structures […]

Pictometry Desktop Extension for version 10.1

I wanted to pass this along since I just received it.

Pictometry for ArcGIS Desktop–Local extensions support ArcGIS Desktop Versions 9.3 & 10 only at this time.

Pictometry continues to integrate with the ESRI ArcGIS Desktop products and we are currently reviewing development compatibility with Version 10.1. Â Any changes or updates to this product […]

eGIS Committee Meeting Agenda for June 2012

Please find the agenda for June’s eGIS Committee Meeting.  The meeting is Tuesday, June 19th.  This meeting will focus on the new Countywide GIS Classfications that were adopted on May 15th, 2012.  Susan Curran from the CEO will be able to provide more information as we move toward the final specifications.

Man’s quest to map L.A.


ESRI releases ArcGIS 10.1

ESRI just announced that is is releasing 10.1 – there look to be a lot of enhancements. Â For the full list of changes, here is the 169 page document:Â Whats new in ArcGIS 10.1 (.pdf file)

Here are some that I find interesting on the server side (I’ve extracted the text […]