July 2012
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ESRI user conference party

It looks like it will be a nice party tonight. Balboa Park – I’m in Casa del Prado waiting for other LA compatriots or other GIS folks to join.

Geocortex Picnic

Thanks Latitude for hosting us today. It’s been an interesting conference so far. Time to investigate the Local Government Data Model.

I visit myself at the ESRI UC

I was asked to do a profile by ESRI a few months ago. I didn’t know the result would be a larger than life poster here at the conference.

I might as well enjoy my 5 minutes of fame, so come visit me any time;)

eGIS Committee Agenda for July 17th

I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. Â It’s our last meeting before the ESRI User Conference, the ultimate GIS smorgasborg!

July – 2012_0717.eGIS meeting notice and Agenda (pdf file)

Here are the technology directives updated to the new format:Â GIS Technology Directives (Draft) – pdf file

Google mapping indoor spaces

Along with 3D, this is one of the new frontiers of mapping – indoor spaces. Â I think that some of the County hospitals and museums will make great additions.

Link to the full post

Geographer and Data Manager positions avaiable in San Diego

A good job at the USGS – note that this position is only open for a week!

Link to the Geographer at the Western Ecological Research Center Link to the Data Manager at the Western Ecological Research Center


LAPD Tries Crime Predicting Software

“The software creates a “heat map” that was found to be more accurate than seasoned police veterans at predicting where crimes would happen next …”

Link to article in Government Technology – http://www.govtech.com/public-safety/Los-Angeles-Police-Getting-Results-from-Crime-Predicting-Software.html

Link to MIT Technology Review article -Â http://www.technologyreview.com/news/428354/la-cops-embrace-crime-predicting-algorithm/


GIS Technician Position – Pasadena

GIS Technician BonTerra Consulting, a woman-owned environmental consulting company, is seeking a qualified individual to serve as a GIS Technician based primarily in either its Irvine or Pasadena office, but with the flexibility to occasionally work out of both offices. The person in this position would assist in the preparation of cartographic and analytical materials […]

Google for Android contains 3D buildings

3D imagery of LA

Looks like Google is doing more with its 3D mapping – probably in anticipation of Apple’s launch of its new mapping. Â But this is pretty cool, and reminds me of what our vendor, Pictometry, has done for a couple of local cities based upon their oblique imagery […]

Geocortex BBQ and Technology Update at the Esri Conference

For those of you going to the ESRI conference, here are some events hosted by Latitude Geographics. Â I’m especially interested in seeing the new HTML 5 viewer

With so much going on during the conference, please also keep these Geocortex-related events in mind. We’ve got our annual Geocortex Picnic and BBQ taking place, the […]