August 2012
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Guide to Publishing Maps for ESRI’s ArcGIS for iOS/Droid

ESRI has developed a nice application for the iOS/Droid platform that will enable users to access GIS and mapping capabilities. There are a few nice features like measurement, turning things on and off, querying, and things like that.

Creating and deploying these maps should be easy, but they are not! The County has […]

Time-lapse videos of changes to Google Maps

Google Maps Videos

I thought this was interesting to view – Google allows the public to make updates to its maps. Especially in countries that weren’t previously mapped in rich detail, watching the map go from nothing to a rich cartographic base is neat to watch.

One of the more interesting […]

Hurricane Isaac Tracking sites

Here are a couple of good examples of using maps and GIS to support the current hurricane threatening the Gulf Coast. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for everyone there …

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Copying your ArcGIS Desktop database and server connections

A major hassle with upgrading to a new computer or a new version of ESRI desktop software is that you need to recreate your connections to your databases (generally manually). For LA County, we recently migrated to a new database with a large increase in connections, which meant that a lot of folks needed to […]

GIS Job – County of San Luis Obispo

The County of San Luis Obispo Assessor’s Office is currently recruiting for a Cadastral Mapping Systems Supervisor. If you’re interested in this position please use the following link for more information:

Additional questions can be directed to Lauri Shiffrar at or 805-781-5642.

This is an excellent opportunity to work for a […]

Agenda for August 2012 eGIS Steering Committee

The agenda for tomorrow’s LA County eGIS Steering Committee is attached here: August – 2012_0821.eGIS meeting notice and Agenda (pdf file)

We’ll be discussing GIS Day (see

Here is the Save the date flyer: GIS DAY 2012 SAVE THE DATE FLYER Important!! Our GIS Directives are in final draft form. […]

LA County GIS Day 2012 – Save the DATE!!!

You are invited to join us for Los Angeles County’s 5th annual GIS Day! Please share this invitation with all of your colleagues and friends!

Click here to download the “Save the Date Flyer”: GIS DAY 2012 SAVE THE DATE FLYER (pdf file)

This year’s event is titled GIS – The Power […]

New Job – GIS Web Developer

Passing a new job along:

New Job – GIS Web Developer


Full or Part Time Job Opportunity

I got this from a vendor and wanted to pass along…

VoyagerGIS is small software startup that is combining modern, high-speed, high-accuracy and resource-efficient web search technologies with geospatial data and maps.We are looking for a passionate individual who can help us create value for our customers by working in a testing, quality assurance, documentation […]

Buildings built each year in LA County

Did you know that after World War Two, close to 100,00 buildings were being built per year? Makes our recent “real estate boom” a bit smaller (although most of the recent building didn’t happen in LA County).

Take a look at the two graphs.

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