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Los Angeles County Releases GIS Classifications and Specifications (job descriptions) (Aug 2012)

GIS classes released

Los Angeles County has just released a complete GIS series that will support its ability to hire and retain Geographic Information Systems (GIS) staff that will help the County use geography and GIS technologies to support the citizens of the County more effectively for emergency response, citizen engagement, child and family well being, and analyis and decision making.

Three years in the making, with critical support from the Chief Executive Office and the Board of Supervisors, the GIS classifications were approved on May 15th.  Click here to see the announcement.

The release of the detailed specification (job descriptions) will now enable departments to develop their GIS strategies, and enable the County to attract the best GIS talent.

Official Information

Current GIS job descriptions are found at the County’s Human Resources Class Specification Search site, which will have the most up to date information.  The CAO salary listing will have current salary information

To access the job descriptions:

  1. Class Specification Search

    Click on this site

  2. In the “Search Job Title” box type “Geographic” and you will see the GIS classifications listed.  See the sample to the right.

To find the current salary listing, go to this link: and find “Geographic” – the GIS series will appear.

Details as of August 1, 2012

To make things a bit easier, I have compiled the information from various sources into a single  set of information here.


# Item Salary Schedule Step 1 Step 5 or Control Point Yearly (Step 1) Yearly (Step 5) or Control Point
4411 Geographic Information Systems Technician 89F  $    4,737.64  $    5,885.73  $    56,851.68  $    70,628.76
4412 Supervising Geographic Information Systems Technician 94C  $    5,385.73  $    6,690.27  $    64,628.76  $    80,283.24
4413 Geographic Information Systems Analyst 94C  $    5,385.73  $    6,690.27  $    64,628.76  $    80,283.24
4414 Senior Geographic Information Systems Analyst 99B  $    6,152.36  $    7,643.09  $    73,828.32  $    91,717.08
4415 Principal Geographic Information Systems Analyst 103E  $    6,908.36  $    9,060.82  $    82,900.32  $  108,729.84
4416 Geographic Information Systems Specialist 108G  $    7,951.27  $  10,428.36  $    95,415.24  $  125,140.32
4417 Geographic Information Systems Manager I S11  $    9,696.37  $                   –  $  116,356.44
4418 Geographic Information Systems Manager II S12  $  10,423.38  $                   –  $  125,080.56

6 comments to Los Angeles County Releases GIS Classifications and Specifications (job descriptions) (Aug 2012)

  • rollo

    Job descriptions seem to now be located here:

  • SalParadise

    Great Website! I love the snowflake detail… hahaha

    Sharing this info with my company HR. We have a great GIS team and they have no idea what to do with us, sadly we are underutilized and underpaid. We are a new(ish) company and I’m worried we wont be able to retain the talent we have or attract any new talent with the lack of ability to grasp the potential and the value of a solid GIS team.


  • joshua.james

    This is great news. Now, I can finally have a chance at some work if a job opens up. I have seen numerous postings on the web where a BA is required with experience. While I have the experience, I do not have BA, yet.

  • Roman

    I am not saying certification should be a requirement or substitute for other qualifications, but rather an option much like AICP is for planners at LA County. Most of our planners do not have AICP certification and it is not listed as required, but rather as a desirable qualification on job announcements. Yet those who do possess that credential are eligible for a pay bonus and get additional points (equivalent to a masters degree, I believe) for consideration in promotional opportunities at LA Co.

  • Roman

    This is good news!

    Hopefully the County will also recognize GIS certifications (GISP, etc.) just like it recognizes the AICP city planner certification. Florence County, South Carolina has recognized GISP for some years now.

    • markgreninger

      Since GISP isn’t yet a professional standard we didn’t make it a requirement. At this point the GISP is something that will help a GIS professional separate themselves from other applicants, but it won’t supplant the other requirements.

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