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Free Introduction and Intermediate GIS Training classes for SCAG members

The Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) is making training available to its members, which include cities and the County.


My recommendation is to look at the training dates held at SCAG, which is in downtown LA.

Here is the training sign-up link:

Dear GIS Service participants,

SCAG is pleased to announce its Introductory GIS, Intermediate GIS, and GIS Advanced trainings as part of SCAG’s GIS Services initiative.  We are offering six Introductory GIS trainings, five Intermediate GIS trainings, and three Advanced GIS Trainings to local agency staff in the SCAG region in October, November, and December, and now accepting registrations. \

Introductory GIS Training

October 3 (Santa Ana), October 4 (Santa Ana), October 16 (Palm Desert), October 30 (SCAG), November 14 (SCAG) and December 18 (SCAG)

This is a hands-on class which introduces ArcGIS 10.1 software and walks through basic features, simple queries, and the creation of a map from start to finish.  The training is designed for users with little or no previous GIS experience.

Intermediate GIS Training

October 10 (Santa Ana), October 31 (SCAG), November 15 (SCAG), November 20 (Palm Desert) and December 19 (SCAG)

This is a hands-on class which introduces intermediate Data Analysis, Spatial Geodatabases, Attribute Data & Metadata Development and Editing in ArcGIS 10.1. The training is designed for users with basic- and intermediate- level GIS skills.

Intermediate GIS Training

October 11 (Santa Ana), December 11 (Palm Desert) and December 20 (SCAG)

This is a hands-on class which introduces advanced Data Development and Editing, Geodatabases, Spatial Analysis and 3D Data Rendering in ArcGIS 10.1. The training is designed for users with intermediate/advanced- level GIS skills.

The link below gives detailed information on the trainings and registration.   Please also follow the link below to sign-up for the session(s) that you want to attend. Space is limited so please register early!

For more information on SCAG GIS Services, please feel free to contact Javier Aguilar at 213 236-1845 or

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