December 2012
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N.Y. news site stirs outrage after publishing gun owners’ names

Map of Gun Ownership

Interesting issue – if this is public information, should it be displayed?

Link to the article

Mount Everest in stunning two billion pixel image detail

Mount Everest in stunning two billion pixel image detail

Who Coined the Phrase Geographic Information Systems?

Who Coined the Phrase Geographic Information Systems?

Pictometry ArcMap Extension for 10.1

For LAR-IAC members, Pictomery has released its ArcMap extensions that will enable you to access the oblique imagery using ArcMap. With the County moving away from locally hosted data (Network Image Warehouse – NIW) toward Pictometry Online, this is a critical enhancement to the suite of tools used to access oblique imagery.

Note […]

City Boundary Update

For your information and use, we have attached a shapefile of the annexation area annexed and the vicinity map (pdf).

Annexed To: City of Santa Clarita

Annexation Name: Annexation No. 2011-22 (North Copperhill)

Detached From: Unincorporated County Area

Effective Date: 11/28/2012

The updated city boundary layer can be downloaded from the Los Angeles County […]

New Link in Z-NET Public

Z-NET Public ( has just been upgraded to give the public more parcel information. Now, instead of going directly to the Assessor’s Map Book Page (AMBP) when the APN link is clicked, the link now opens the Assessor’s Detailed Property Information Sheet for the selected parcel. Not only does this page display a selection […]

December eGIS Committee Meeting Agenda

Please find tomorrow’s agenda attached: December – 2012_1219.eGIS meeting notice and Agenda

For tomorrow’s meeting, I will be discussing the Countywide GIS Strategic Plan document: Enterprise GIS Strategic Plan – Final Draft – 2012_1219. Please review and bring any questions you have. We will approve it at our January meeting (hopefully).

As well, […]

Google Maps back on iPhone!

I’ve been holding off upgrading to the newest version of iOS so that I wouldn’t get stuck with the Apple maps. Now I can move forward!


City Boundary Updates

The LA County GIS program has completed the implementation of two October 2012 annexations (City of Santa Clarita and City of Palmdale) as well as some cartographic updates to the Port of Los Angeles (removing the city boundary checked linework from internal port/water boundaries).

This has been updated in all three map services (Street, Canvas, […]

Pictometry introduces an iPhone/iPad app

For LAR-IAC members, this is a big deal! See your pictures on your mobile device.



Pictometry® is proud to announce that a mobile iPad App version of Pictometry Connect™ is available at the iPad App store.

The Pictometry® Connect Mobile™ App provides […]