March 2013
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Code Enforcement Goes High-Tech

cityscan-signsThanks to Michael Carson of Burbank and (I highly recommend signing up) for this great article about using LIDAR to spot code violations:

The article mentions pilot projects in Los Angeles – I wonder what they might be …


2 comments to Code Enforcement Goes High-Tech

  • Tom Weisenberger

    I willing to bet the pilot project in LA is focusing on Hollywood. Billboards have always been a contentious issue there, particularly unauthorized ones the city has had an interest in tracking but hasn’t had the ability to. The way I look at it, if the city is obligated to have a record of each billboard, then this is just another tool to help in the survey process. What a waste of time and resources to manually go out and survey each sign. We tried doing this for the Hollywood redevelopment project and it was alot of field work. GPS couldn’t get at the actual sign location and pictures were hard to match with locations back in the office. Something like this or the 3D street imaging would solve all that.

  • This is cool; but a tricky subject to say the least. There have been articles about jurisdictions using oblique aerial imagery to “proactively” find swimming pools that were not permitted; and some court cases too, because they were told to stop doing it.

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