May 2013
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Open Source GIS 101, Part 5: OpenJUMP

Part 5: Open JUMP (Open Java Unified Mapping Platform)

In 2002, JUMP was created by Vivid Solutions as part of a Canadian environmental project for conflating road and river GIS features.

The software turned out to be versatile, and a user group quickly formed around […]

New Google Maps and related training

You may know this already, but Google is launching a new Google Maps. They also have online training to get the most out of it. I believe the technology behind the maps is changing – from tiled and cached images of the data, to tiled and cached data itself – this could help […] releases new data catalog using CKAN

The US central data portal is now switching over to cKAN, an open source data catalog.

See the release here:


eGIS Notice: RESOLVED – Incident# IM2036185

eGIS System Status (as of 5/23/2013 – 6:00PM): RESOLVED

All the eGIS Servers are back online.



The ISD eCloud service experienced a major service disruption beginning on Tuesday evening, May 21st, which continued into Wednesday and Thursday this week. This problem impacted server performance across-the-board and caused some downtime.

The eCloud environment is […]

GeoSpatial LA gathering – May 30th

GeoSpatial LA is an informal networking group that gets together occasionally to talk “geo” in LA – it’s open to everyone! Find us on LinkedIn

Next Geospatial LA & Tour of the Red Cross EOC ~ Thursday, May 30th @ 5:30pm in West LA

Link to a map of the entrances


A cucumber map of Europe

This is a fun read:

Long live the Greater Cucumber Co-Prosperity Sphere!

EGIS Committee Meeting Agenda – May 14th 2013

This month’s eGIS Committee is one week earlier than normal due to scheduling conflicts at DPW.

Agenda is attached here: May 2013_0514.eGIS meeting notice and Agenda



Updates from the GIS Data Committee Updates from the Mobile Committee CAMS Data Update GIS Positions update

The eGIS Group will provide information about the virtualization […]

Map Design Resources from Great Britain’s Ordnance Survey

Thanks to Mike Carson from SoCalGIS for passing along:


This is a helpful resource for folks looking to improve their maps. They have online resources for:

Colours (or colors as we like to spell it). Fonts Symbols Map inspiration

Check it out here.


Post and Find Paid Internships

Christina Boggs from The State of California has created a simple location to post and find paid internships. I think this is great!

Post a Paid GIS Opportunity Find a Paid GIS Opportunity

Obama Administration releases Open Data Policy

Earlier today, President Obama signed an Executive Order making open and machine readable data the new default for Government information. The White House simultaneously released the accompanying Open Data Policy.

Federal Government Open Data Policy

Press Release