June 2013
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California County GIS Contacts, Collaboratives, and Networking Groups

Ever wondered who the GIS Manager for Tehama County is? Well, wonder no more!

I created this map for the California Geographic Information Association and wanted to pass it along. It is fully editable, so if you know some of the information that I don’t have, we can edit it directly online! This […]

US Wildfires Map

I thought this is a pretty good map of wildfires across the country put together by ESRI.

Link to the map

Link to the description

Here is the description:

The Esri Public Information Map shows the real-time effects of extreme weather events and others natural disasters. You can use it to […]

GIS Position with Pasadena Water and Power

The City of Pasadena is nestled at the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains approximately 10 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles. Pasadena is home to the world renowned Tournament of Roses and the Norton-Simon Museum. Pasadena residents enjoy moderate climate year round, ideal weather for enjoying Pasadena’s fine shopping, dining, and entertainment venues.

Department […]

Updated meeting agenda for today’s eGIS Meeting

We will have a demonstration of a Logistics Package (formerly ArcLogistics) – now Compass Logistics.

See the revised agenda below.

June 2013_0618.eGIS meeting notice and Agenda

eGIS Steering Committee Meeting – June 18th, 2013

Please find tomorrow’s agenda attached here: June 2013_0618.eGIS meeting notice and Agenda

GIS Data

We will be looking at our current state of GIS data list: LA County Enterprise GIS Data – 20130610 (Excel file) As well as some open data and deployment platforms.

eGIS Environment Update

ISD will provide an update on […]

Open Source GIS 101, Part 6: Quantum GIS

Part 6: QGIS (Quantum GIS)

Eleven years ago, Gary Sherman began developing a GIS viewer for the Linux desktop. Though the early progress was slow, the project gradually accumulated more contributors over the years. Today, QGIS is a true grassroots open source software application with June 13th, 2013 | Category: Announcements, Open Source Software | Leave a comment

CAMS False Match Update Progress

I wanted to provide an update regarding the Countywide Address Management System (click here for more information on CAMS).

The Registrar/Recorder County Clerk (RRCC) is working to transition the County’s main street centerline dataset from the licensed Thomas Brothers files to the Census Bureau’s TIGER file. “Owning” the data will support collaboration […]

LAR-IAC Program saves governments $10 million

I wanted to pass the LARIAC 3 Project completion letter along. Especially with the recent passing of Milan Svitek, who helped initiate this program, the timing is right to showcase the value of collaboration across the County.

LARIAC 3 project completion (pdf file)

For more information about LARIAC, please see: http://egis3.lacounty.gov/dataportal/lariac/



Passing of Milan Svitek

I wanted to do this post in memory of Milan Svitek, who passed away about two weeks ago. He was our leader and a true pioneer in the field of GIS.

He worked for the Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning for just over 20 years before he retired in 2006. He was well […]

Pictometry Aids in Oklahoma Devastation

A good case study for why we in the County have worked with Pictometry to capture imagery for public safety: