August 2013
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Tutorial: Search for a parcel on the Mobile GIS Viewer

Here is a quick tutorial on how to search for a parcel on the Mobile GIS Viewer at and to retrieve parcel information.

In the search bar, type in the AIN of the parcel without the dashes and click on the search icon located on the far right of the bar:

Full-Time Lecturer in Geography at Cal State Long Beach (extended)

Note – the deadline to apply has been extended to Friday August 9th.

Cal State Long Beach has an opening for a full-time lecturer in Geography.

A snippet from the full job posting (FT Lecturer Geography-Recruitment 2044).


This position will be approximately 40% teaching and 60% GIS lab management. Teach available introductory undergraduate […]

Not all speech recognition created equal

I left a voice mail for a vendor, and their speech technology didn’t do too well in transcribing anything, including my name ..

To be fair, I was on the bluetooth in my car, but this is pretty fun to read. Â A colleague and I will try Google to see if they do better […]

LA County Mobile GIS Viewer

We are excited to announce the launch of the LA County Mobile GIS Viewer (demo version) at

The mobile viewer incorporates HTML5-based web and mobile mapping technology and functions on smartphones, tablets, and desktop web browsers without plug-ins! The LA County Enterprise GIS team is providing this site as a template […]