March 2014
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TileMill and Mapbox

TileMill is a free and open source desktop application that runs on Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu. As the name suggests, TileMill produces a set of cached image tiles, while Mapbox provides a means to host your cache online, using Open Street Map as a base.

A few weeks ago, I tried out the […]

Choosing a mobile development Strategy

ESRI wrote a very nice article about the various technology decisions when selecting a mobile development strategy. It isn’t GIS centric nor esri centric, so I highly recommend it.

Choosing a mobile development strategy introduces many parameters: a team’s development skillset, the application’s required functionality, and the ease of maintenance, just to name a few. […]

The Los Angeles that was never built

Of course I like the maps showing the possible green spaces – take a look!

Washington slide shows the value of quality mapping

Checking out this link passed along by SoCalGIS:, and the maps in the article, highlighted, for me, the value of good GIS data.

Having a “before” picture provided by GIS, along with streets, parcels, building outlines, and other critical information, along with LIDAR data, makes the maps show the massive […]

Reminder to register for CalGIS 2014

Register or get left out!

CalGIS 2014 is only 3 weeks away! CalGIS is the premier California focused GIS conference, and this year it is in Monterey (doesn’t get much better than that!)) The ESRI conference can get overwhelming, and focused specifically on one technology, while CalGIS has a very nice, small feel, with great […]

NASA Releases First Interactive Mosaic of Lunar North Pole

Looks awesome on a full screen, though not 4″ like our LARIAC.

eGIS Committee Meeting – Agenda for March 2014

I have attached the agenda for tomorrow’s eGIS Committee meeting. Download the March Agenda

In addition to general updates on CAMS, LARIAC, etc, Christine Lam from the eGIS group will discuss the new features and capabilities of the version 4 release of Geocortex Essentials.


Time Lapse of a River changing course

This was pretty cool:

Feedback requested from State GIO on UAV laws

Passing this along:

From Scott Gregory, California State GIO:

As you may or may not know, AB1327 is a bill that could potentially impact the work that we do in regards to remote sensing and aerial imagery collection, etc… in the near future. See the link below for more detail. My office is in the […]

Los Angeles To Launch Nation’s Largest Interactive Urban Trail Network

Interesting preview from Gizmodo: